Galvanized Tie Down Strap - Bulk 35 ft Roll

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Mobile Home Anchor Galvanized Tie Down Strap - Bulk 35 ft Roll

Tie Down Marked and Certified Galvanized Strapping.
"HUD Code 3280 and 3285(2) require 1-1/4"x.035" or larger steel strapping conforming to ASTM D3953-97, standard specifications for strapping, flat steel and seals. Type 1, Grade 1, Finish B, with a total minimum capacity of 4,725 lbs. and a working capacity of 3,150 lbs. marked every 5 ft. The straps must be provided with protections against weather deterioration and corrosion at least equivalent to that provided by a coating of zinc on steel of not less than .30oz./ft. of surface coated. Slit or cut edges of coated strapping need not be zinc coated.
ALU: H-1064-6, 59150, G60
Please be CAREFUL when unwrapping this item - they have sharp edges and will be
coiled under tension.
When buying in large quantities please call for a shipping quote. We will be happy to help you place your order over the phone. 505-831-1601.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review