Coleman Control Board Kit S1-33103010000

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Product Overview

Ignition control circuit board S1-33103010000 replaces all of the following older versions for single stage gas furnaces:

879598, 1162-202, 1162-83-202, S1-33102956000, S1-33103010000, S1-33109167000, S1-33102956000,
S1-03109166000, S1-33109167000, S1-33101972200, S1-33109167000, S1-03101973000, S1-33101972200,
S1-33101933000, S1-33101972200, S1-03101267001, S1-33101933000, S1-03101267000, S1-03101267001,
S1-03101266000, S1-03101267000, S1-03101250000, S1-03101266000, S1-03100662700, S1-03101266000,

S1-03100662000, S1-03100662700, S1-03101235700, S1-03100662700, S1-03101235000, S1-03101235700,

S1-03101234700, S1-03101266000, S1-03101140702, S1-03101234700, S1-03101140701, S1-03101140702,
S1-03101140000, S1-03101140701, S1-03101933000, S1-33101933000, S1-03101972000, S1-33101972200,
S1-03109167000, S1-33109167000, S1-03103010000, S1-33103010000, S1-539617, S1-03103010000


(No reviews yet) Write a Review